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As a regional administrative unit Armavir region of the RA was formed in December,
The region includes the territories of the former administrative districts of Goris, Kapan,
Meghri and Sisian. It covers a territory if 4501 sq 2 , comprises 113 communities and 125 rur-
al settlement as well as the towns of Sisian, Goris, Kapan, Kajaran, Dastakert and Meghri.
The administrative centre of the region is Kapan. The territory of the region comprises
the basins of the rivers Vostan, Voghji and Vararakn. The maximal height of the region above
sea level is 3904 meters, the minimal-390 meters.
For the maintenance of its originality and inclusion in the composition of the RA Syunik
region owes most of all to Garegin Nzhdeh. In antiquity the territory of the region was a part
of the state of Syunik of Mets Hayk (Great Hayk).
The region enters into the Syunikian diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The seat
of the head of the diocese is in the city of Goris.
Syunik region is a unique mountainous land with historical and cultural monuments of
great value, as well as waterfalls, caves, giddy canyons, deciduous forests and picturesque
comers of nature which accompany the tourists at every step. The wonderful nature is altern-
ated with the stone embodiments of the conceptions of the masters of ancient architecture.
Syunik region is the land where people not only admire the wonders of nature but also create
The narrow gorges, caves, dense forests and fauna make it one of the picturesque and in-
violable comers of the republic. Syunik region is unique for its unapproachable mountains
where one can see the soaring of the sharp-sighted eagles and a dozen paths awaiting every
The unapproachable mountains and forests of Zangezur helped its inhabitants in the
struggle against foreign invaders.
In the notorious Halidzor battle taken place in 1727 the troops of Davit-Bek together with
the Armenian rebels routed the Turkish army.
At a distance of 12 kilometers from Kapan, on the right bank of the River Voghji, in the
dense forest rises the architectural complex of Vahanavank Monastery (X century) which
was the spiritual and cultural centre of historical Syunik. On the brink of the picturesque
gorge, in Davit Bek village soars up the ancient Baghaberd Fortress (IV century). In 1170 the
fortress was captured and ruined by the Turks-Se1juks. Here they committed to the flames
the rich library of the university of Tavev, and burnt 10 thousand manuscripts. On the road
to Kajaran, upon the steep rock hanging above the gorge stands a huge forged bear holding
between its teeth the symbolic key to the riches of Zangezur.
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