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Watch 'Wishes' from your balcony!
239. If you're staying onsite, be sure to request a wake-up call. You'll be
greeted each morning with a special message from one of your favorite
Disneycharacters! Last time wewerethere weweregreeted bynoneother
than everybody's favorite monster- Mike Wazowski. What a great way to
start your day! The characters rotate on a regular basis so you never know
who you'll get.
240. When you receive your luggage tags from Disney for your resort stay,
be sure you have enough for your carry-on bags too. If you don't have
enough, Disney will gladly send you some extras. You'll need to have tags
on any bags that you want to stow in the cargo compartment of Disney's
Magical Express on your way to and from the airport. Without the tags,
pretty full, this can be terribly inconvenient. You're better off requesting
extra tags so the bags can be where they belong.
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