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The atmosphere and food make Be Our Guest the most sought after reservation in all of
Disney World
236. Even if you follow the previous tip, you may still be left out in the cold
on your reservation. Here's something to try… When the recording asks
you if you're currently in the Orlando area or making a reservation for the
of the queue! This tip was suggested by a friend, but I haven't personally
verified that it actually works. (She said it worked for her.) Also, it seems
a bit unethical to lie to get to the front of the queue so let your conscience
be your guide…
237. Ifyou'rebooking190daysoutandSTILLcan'tgetintoyourfavoriteres-
taurant, keep trying for the next 10 days anyway! The same friend from
vations each day to give guests who are not staying on-property a chance
to get the highly sought after reservations too. She called 190 days in ad-
vance of the November 1 st date for which she sought the reservation, only
to find out Be Our Guest was completely booked. She tried again the next
day and voilà! A few reservations were suddenly available for that same
November 1 st that was previously full! (I suppose this could be explained
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