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Keep the flash off, set a high-speed shutter, and hold steady
216. Don't be afraid to make a new friend and try the single rider line for some
of the big name attractions like Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom
or Rock n Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios- even if you're not alone!
You'll still get to wait in line with your family and friends, but you may
drastically shorten your wait time. We did this last summer when all three
boys wanted to ride Everest over and over. The wait time was 40 minutes,
but the single rider wait time was ten! They were able to ride three times
in a row using the single rider line during the time it would have taken to
ride once in the regular line.
217. Don't think you'll avoid the rush to Magic Kingdom by arriving a few
hours after the park opens. Tons of people will still be queued up for the
monorail instead. Go up the exit only path marked 'resorts' to the left of
the outbound Magic Kingdom monorail. The line should be much shorter.
With stops at the resorts, you may not get there quicker but you'll be sit-
ting in an air-conditioned monorail instead of waiting in the queue at the
218. Onyourway over to Expedition Everest, be sure to stop at the temple near
the Forbidden Mountain sign for a cool photo op. The center of the temple
contains a representation of the Yeti which has been adorned by the local
inhabitants, and if you line yourself up just right, you'll notice the temple
is cut to the exact shape of the mountains behind it.
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