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hopefully you won't miss that 'money shot' while you wait for your lens
to clear up.
214. If you're traveling with a large SLR camera, try to find a single lens that
will work for most shots throughout your trip so you don't have to swap
lenses and lug around the extra weight of an additional lens in the parks.
An 18-135mmzoomlens willbefairlylightandwillworkgreatforalmost
every occasion.
215. If you're lucky enough to land a reservation at Be Our Guest at Magic
Kingdom you'll want to be sure to get a picture of the Enchanted Rose
in the West Wing of the Beast's castle. If you're trying to take a picture,
here's a tip: TURN OFF THE FLASH! So many people shoot over and
overandgetonlytheglare oftheflashofftheglass.Instead, setyourcam-
era for a high shutter speed by using sports mode or action mode and hold
your hand real steady. If you get REALLY lucky, you may even get a shot
just as a petal falls.
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