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agency prices fluctuate depending on demand. If you use this strategy, just
make sure you haven't prepaid your reservation or booked a non-refund-
able reservation either directly, or through a travel site such as Expedia.
Also, be sure to go back and cancel the reservations you no longer need.
Even though you may not have provided a credit card number to hold the
reservation, you should still cancel it as a courtesy. No company wants to
have a garage full of rental cars because people with reservations were 'no
shows', so a little courtesy will be welcome.
205. Ifyou'rerentingacar,alwayskeepafewdollarsinchangewithyou.Flor-
ida has many toll roads and some of the toll booths are not staffed. Bring
some change with you on the way down (be sure to empty your pockets
as you pass through security if you're flying though) and keep the spare
change you acquire throughout your trip. You may need it for tolls on the
way back to the airport (or home if you're driving) at the end of your trip.
206. If you're lucky enough to score a dinner reservation at Magic Kingdom's
Be Our Guest restaurant, be sure to visit the 'chatty knights' (complete
with their French accents) on the way out. They'll have some very witty
remarks. If you're dining for lunch, you certainly won't miss them as you
pass them on the way in.
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