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dates for the parties, but the days that Magic Kingdom closes early are the
days the parties are held. This tip will make it easier to plan your vacation
strategy farther in advance.
202. Ifyouhaveanelectrictrainbuffinyourfamily(orevenifyoudon't),head
vilion in the World Showcase area of Epcot. You'll be amazed at the level
of detail and realism that's been put into creating this huge outdoor layout.
Check out the super-realistic train display at Epcot!
203. If you're renting a car, check to see if your hotel offers any kind of a 'cor-
porate rate'. We found a discount code for a corporate rate posted on the
website of one of the condo resorts we frequent, and using it saved us an
extra $100 for a seven day minivan rental. When you're going to Disney,
every little bit of savings helps!
204. Keep checking for rental car deals- even after you've made your reserva-
tion. On our last trip, I had three or four separate rental car reservations
servation.Similartohotelratesvaryingdependingonvacancies, rentalcar
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