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one year when we lost our tickets, some money, and our rental car key
when the Ziploc bag washed out of dad's bathing suit pocket in the wave
pool at Blizzard Beach. Luckily, we were able to find them at the bottom
of the pool- soggy but no worse for the wear.
157. Don't forget the sunscreen! Unlike the other parks that have many indoor
of the time you spend in the parks. I have seen many, many people with
nasty sunburns that look like (overcooked) lobsters by the end of the day.
Not only is this painful and unhealthy, but you'll look pretty silly too!
158. Buy the kids swim shirts and maybe pick them up for the grown-ups too.
They dry quickly and will do a great job protecting you from the sun.
159. Consider buying a waterproof digital camera for your trip to a water park.
You can get some great shots of the kids splashing in the wave pools at
Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard beach without risking damaging your regu-
lar camera. Plus, you can go into Shark Reef (Typhoon Lagoon's snorkel-
ing pool) and get some great shots of the underwater creatures- including
the sharks!
Get action shots like this with your waterproof camera
160. If you're getting a waterproof camera for the trip, there are plenty of
disposable (single-use) cameras available for pretty cheap. Remember
though- you get what you pay for. Your pictures won't be that great, and
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