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Disney's awesome water parks- Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are a great way to
splash some extra fun into your Disney World vacation! After days of traveling around in
the hot Florida sun, you're sure to need a break. Disney's water parks are a 'cool' addition
to any Disney vacation.
Splash into fun at Typhoon Lagoon
Preparing for the water parks is a bit different than preparing for a trip to Magic Kingdom
or one of the other Disney theme parks. These tips will help ensure you're ready for a great
day at the beach at Typhoon Lagoon, or on the slopes of Blizzard Beach.
156. Ifyou'revisitingthewaterparks,besuretobuya watertightstoragepouch
to wear around your neck (or secure to your arm or waist). Keep your tick-
ets and some spare cash there to keep them safe. We almost had a tragedy
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