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See neatly choreographed Hollywood Stunts at Lights, Motors, Action!
147. While it's great to see the show from the seats up close, remember that if
the show. The seats that are higher up offer a good view too. The short
overhang will provide some shade- and a break from the hot Florida sun.
148. If you ride Star Tours and you're worried about motion sickness, ask to sit
in the front when you get to the head of the line. There's less movement
than in the back seats.
149. IfyoubegintogetmotionsickduringtheStarToursride(oranyothermo-
tion simulator) you'll be tempted to close your eyes. DON'T do it! It will
make your motion sickness worse. You're better off focusing on a fixed
point straight ahead that's NOT on the video screen. Look at a spot on the
wall or anything that's straight ahead and NOT moving!
150. Don't miss the Beauty and The Beast show! It's a beautifully presented,
faithful re-creation (though shortened to about ½ hour) of the movie, and
it's our favorite show in all of Walt Disney World!
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