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Mickey's Sorcerer's Apprentice hat stands tall above Hollywood Studios
144. The Tower of Terror may be too scary for younger kids. It's not so much
the ride itself, as it is the pre-ride atmosphere. One year, just being in line
was enough to send our 9-year-old to the 'emergency' exit.
145. There is no place to store valuables during the ride at Rock 'n' Roller
Coaster. Since you exit in a different spot than where you board, you'll
have to hold your bag, backpack, etc. between your feet on the ride, or
leave them with a non-rider in your party. There are also lockers near the
park entrance should you decide to go that route. Although there are mul-
tiple inversions on the ride, the G forces you'll encounter should keep
things in place. However, carry on at your own risk. You don't want
something flying out!
146. The Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show is a great attraction def-
initely worth seeing, but it's a loooong walk from the rest of the park. Just
when you think you're there, you have to walk all the way around the sta-
dium to get to the stairs leading to the bleachers.
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