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electricity located throughout the skies. So, on an average day, how much electricity is
actually swirling around us?
It has been determined through many measurements that the average fair-weather electric
field is approximately 100 to 300 Volts per meter at the surface of the Earth. Of course,
these values are constantly changing. This is due to a number of factors that include
day-night cycles, seasonal cycles, as well as upper atmosphere and space-based cycles and
events. Thus if we were to take into consideration the amount of space between the surface
of the Earth and the outer edge of the Earth's atmosphere, the ionosphere, we would see
that the average voltage present across that region would be approximately 360,000 Volts
at any one time. As we come down from these high altitudes, the electric field diminishes
in strength. At sea-level, this ends up being approximately 100 Volts per meter 2 . What this
means is that at any given moment, the air all around us is filled with lots of electrical
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