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For example, not only are large molecules such as proteins usually electrically charged, but did you know
that DNA itself is also highly charged? It is these electrostatic forces that hold the molecule together and
give it structure and strength. 1
Electric Agriculture is a Normal Part of Nature
Now that we know that electrically-based particles and forces are present within all of
life, is it too far-fetched to state that electrical forces are not only intrinsic to life, but are
necessary to thrive?
We will begin by covering the natural occurrences of electromagnetic fields within the
atmosphere, followed by the presence of natural electrical currents that are continuously
flowing throughout the surface of the Earth. Lastly, we'll touch on how these
electro-geological systems impact life in various ways.
Atmospheric Electricity
Flashes, booms and brilliant light shows were the earliest evidence that electricity is a
naturally powerful force, intrinsically available to humanity. From the legend of Benjamin
Franklinandhis1752 kite-flyingexperiment ,hisdiscoveryofthepresenceandsubsequent
capture of atmospheric electricity set the stage for centuries' worth of scientific
exploration, discovery and engineering.
Lightning Storm
Source: Boby Dimitrov
There are between 2,000 and 6,000 thunderstorms in progress at any one time, on any
given day, all over the Earth. As such, at any one time, there is an enormous amount of
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