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If you're planning on using nails or screws, they have a very low cross-sectional area. This
means that in small-scale systems, the amount of current or current-density that will be
transported through the soil is going to be, for the most part, concentrated along the path
directly between both electrodes. In addition to the main flow, there will also be weaker
field flows that will come off from the sides of the main conductive path. Depending upon
the size of area that needs electrification, it may be better to use larger-sized electrodes to
help guarantee that a full-strength electric field is projected through the rhizosphere. This
would likely improve the system's efficiency since a larger portion of the root area would
be exposed to the electric field.
Plate vs. Point Electrodes
Because the soil is a non-homogeneous medium, the exact path of the electric field will
vary depending upon the best electrical path through the entire soil mass. Furthermore the
field will change over time with respect to rock placement, stray metals, moisture levels,
soil movement, bacterial influences, root movement, and many other factors.
Putting together the system is easy! Just follow the steps below:
Power Supply Preparation
To prepare a standard consumer-electronic power supply for use, there are two simple
1. Remove the power connector at the end of the cord using wire cutters.
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