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Chapter 13: Try It Yourself!
Electrically-stimulated agriculture can be applied in a wide number of horticultural
environments ranging from small-scale potted plants to large-scale greenhouses. With the
right design, it can even be used in outdoor farming situations. Creating your own systems
to experiment with is easy. At a minimum, a system can be built using commonly available
components found within most households. In this chapter we will cover everything you
need to know for constructing a system of your own. Here is a brief summary of the steps
you need to follow:
1. Collect system components
2. Prepare power supply for use
3. Attach wires to electrodes
4. Insert into growing medium
5. Power on and observe!
Let's get into the details and start by listing the components of these systems.
What You'll Need
To put a system together you'll need the following:
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