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Basic Tools
• Some basic tools like wire strippers, pliers. Optional: A soldering iron with solder
and flux.
• A power source like a wall charger or battery
• Hook-up wire
• Electrodes: iron or steel nails
• A growing container complete with soil and seed
While you can probably get by using a pocket knife or scissors, it would be much easier to
use tools specifically made for working with wires, like a pair of wire strippers/cutters.
If you want to make your system more robust, having a decent soldering iron would be
best as it would help to ensure that the electrical connections are both electrically and
mechanically sound.
To verify that the system is put together correctly, you should use an electrical testing tool
like a digital voltmeter that can measure voltage, current and resistance. It should also be
able to check for circuit continuity.
To learn more about these tools, check out our resources .
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