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electrical stimulation 2 . Combining the effects of accelerating crop growth with a faster
ripening process, growers using these techniques can realize enormous gains resulting in
an increase in profits as well as a huge reduction of weather-related risks as well.
Accelerated Tree Growth
In the 1930s, Dr. Marinesco (mentioned earlier in Chapter 9), found that the application
of an electric field to a bundle of capillary tubes submerged in an electrically-conductive
solution resulted in the movement of liquid through all of the tubes. In essence, he found a
way of demonstrating the concept of electro-osmosis using thin tubes instead of using lots
of small particles like sand or soil. He later postulated that if an electric field were to be
applied to a tree (with its own set of bundled vascular channels, the xylem and phloem),
there may be a similar movement of fluid.
Itturnedoutthat histheorywascorrect. Applying an 3 electric field between theplant roots
and a point higher up in the tree caused an increase in the movement of sap.
the ground, and the negative one placed into the ground, this could help draw sap into the
upper reaches of the tree, further assisting the plant in delivering nutrients from the roots
to other parts of the tree, against the force of gravity. Using this technique may not only
improve the movement of sap, but also its production.
While electrically manipulating the flow of sap in trees is possible, what benefits, if any,
does it really bring to trees? Consider the following examples of what can be done:
• Trees experience vigorous, faster growth
• Larger and sweeter fruit is produced
• Increases number of shooting branches, improving yield
• Increases fruit ripening by two weeks or more 4 5
• Faster resin production
• Reduction or slowing down of the plant's aging process 6
• Radically improves the health of sick trees
• Potentially protects trees against frost
• Improves pollination 7
• Improves the cleaning of air from toxic pollutants 8
Christofleau was a prominent inventor, scientist and author from the early-mid 1900s.
He describes a number of case studies in his book (mentioned above) that exemplify the
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