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successes that people have had with electroculture on trees. One client had an old pear tree
that was so old and frail that most of its bark had fallen off its trunk and it barely had any
a large number of pears weighing up to one pound, each 9 .
In a similar situation was an apricot tree that had a fungal infection. After electrical
treatment, it took on a whole new look with intensely green vegetation, new and healthy
shoots, and the complete disappearance of the fungus. Other tree ailments that have been
known to have been healed include curl leaf in peach and nectarine trees 10 .
I have seen a similar state of recovery in my own experiments. One was a small fig shoot
that was taking a very long time to develop its initial leaves. While waiting for it to start
1/4 inch in diameter). Amazingly, after applying electricity to the plant for a few weeks,
leaves started to appear despite the heavy damage. On the other hand, as a testament to the
tree at home and found that it didn't do a thing.
It is worth noting that if the polarity is reversed between trunk and roots, that growth may
be stunted. Why is this worth mentioning? Because for some types of growth, e.g. bonsai,
dwarfism is desired. Other benefits may come from the dwarfing of trees that are situated
too close to your home.
Improved Fruits and Vegetables Size
What’s amazing about electroculture is the vast number of experiments that
demonstrate significant increases in the size of fruits and vegetables. Consider the
• Christofleau had carrots that grew to 19 inches and beets to almost 6 inches
in diameter. He found similar results with tomatoes, French beans, asparagus,
artichokes and celery.
• In the 1850s, The Cyclopedia of American Agriculture described an experimenter
named Ross who grew an electrified crop of potatoes that ended up being five
times larger than his unelectrified crop.
• Around the same time, Russian researcher Speschnew grew radishes 17 inches
in diameter and weighing almost five pounds 11 .
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