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Pattern Feature
This command replicates a feature using different layouts such as linear, circular, polygon-
al, spiral, along curve, and randomly arranged points. Activate this command (on the rib-
bon, click Home Feature > Pattern Feature ).
Linear Layout
To create a pattern in a linear layout, you must first activate the Pattern Feature command
(On the ribbon, click Home > Feature > Pattern Feature ). On the Pattern Feature dia-
log, under the Pattern Definition section, select Layout > Linear . Click on the feature to
pattern from the model geometry and select Direction 1 > Specify Vector . On the part geo-
metry, click on an edge (or) select the X, Y, or Z axis to define the direction 1 of the linear
pattern. You will notice that a pattern preview appears on the model. Now, select Spacing
> Count and Pitch on the dialog and set the parameters of the pattern ( Count and Pitch
Distance ). Check the Symmetric option, if you want to pattern the feature on both sides.
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