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the Capitolio, before it curves slightly west and changes name to become Calle
Maximo Gomez. It continues to designate the border of the two neighborhoods for
a considerable distance further.
More importantly, Prado, particularly the area around the Capitolio, acts as a cent-
ral traffic hub for the city. Communal taxis coming into the city, or driving to the
outskirts, almost always stop on Prado, in front of the Capitolio building, and it of-
ten acts as either the beginning or end of their route.
Obispo Street
Obispo is the largest shopping street in Old Havana. It is highly tourist-oriented
and lined with upscale boutiques selling art, crafts, souvenirs and clothing. On a
weekend this street will be so crowded that you will have trouble walking. The
crowds and commerce spill out onto side streets as well.
Plaza Vieja (Intersection of Muralla and San Ignacio)
There are dozens of public squares in Old Havana but the Plaza Vieja is the most
popular. It's ringed by dozens of restaurants and cafes. Although it can get very
hot during the afternoons, in the morning it makes for a great location to have a
relaxing coffee as you people watch and enjoy the old architecture of the sur-
rounding buildings.
Central Havana
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