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Central Havana is located just west of Old Havana. Central Havana is a bustling,
noisy, dirty and authentic Cuban experience. In contrast to Old Havana, in Cent-
ral, most of the people walking in the streets are Cuban. The two neighborhoods
are only a few meters away from each other, but they are completely different.
Despite its tough reputation, Central Havana is a very safe neighborhood and def-
initely deserves to be explored.
In Central Havana, the streets are almost always packed with people. There will
be motorcycles driving beside you, people riding bikes, and cars and trucks slowly
chugging along. It might feel like you are in a festival, but really this is just every-
day life for this neighborhood. It's noisy, too. Dogs will be barking and people will
be talking loudly. Men push carts filled with bread and produce, shouting and
singing loudly about their products and prices.
There are hundreds of cheap places to buy fast food in Central Havana and it
seems like everybody is selling pizza, sandwiches, coffee, or juice. If you clearly
look like a tourist, then it is possible that some locals will approach you to strike
up conversations and ask you about your nationality. If you're not in the mood to
chat you can just politely say no, and continue walking.
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