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Credit Cards
Credit card usage in Cuba is very rare. The only places that are equipped with
credit card processing equipment are large tourist resorts, and hotels in main cit-
ies. Restaurants and state stores almost never accept credit cards.
If you are planning on bringing and using a credit card, make absolutely sure that
it has not been issued from an American banking institution. All American-based
credit cards will be refused because of the American embargo on trade with Cuba.
Most other credit cards, especially those issued from European or Canadian
banks can be used.
ATMs (cajeros automaticos) are rare. A few can be found in some hotels and very
touristic areas in large cities, and at major airports. You should never depend on
these machines. Breakdowns are frequent and withdrawal limits are low. In some
cases, even if you are using a credit card issued from a non-American institution,
you may still require the assistance of a bank teller in order to complete your trans-
Personal checks, traveler's checks, and bank drafts are almost completely unheard
PayPal And Other Payment Transfer Services
It should be noted that due to the trade embargo, you will not be able to use any
American based money transfer services while in Cuba. If these services are web
based, such as PayPal, you will be able to access the websites; however the actu-
al payment will be blocked. This applies even if you are paying for something
which is completely unrelated to Cuba. Simply attempting to initiate a transfer via a
computer based in Cuba may lead to the temporary suspension of your account.
The American government enforces the trade embargo very vigilantly, especially
when it comes to international money transfers.
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