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How Much Money to Bring
If you have prepaid your vacation and are staying at an all inclusive hotel, you will
not need much money. You will mostly use cash to give tips or to buy small items
and souvenirs. The only instance where you might need to spend more is if you
decide to take a scenic excursion off the resort. That might cost the equivalent of a
few hundred dollars, depending on the specifics of the trip.
If you are not staying on a resort, your expenses will obviously be higher. Detailed
budgeting information is provided at the end of this guide. In the most general
sense, Cuban regulations state that foreigners must bring enough money into the
country to reasonably last the duration of their stay on the island. This is highly
subjective, but is usually understood to mean approximately the equivalent of $100
USD per day. For the average visit, this will be more than adequate. After reading
this guide you will see that you can easily live like royalty, while only spending a
fraction of that amount.
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