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in the industrialized world and sexually transmitted disease rates are among the
lowest globally. Almost all state-run stores sell condoms, and many organizations
give them away for free. Foreigners can buy condoms at state-run cafeterias, res-
taurant bars, fast food locations and pharmacies (farmácias). The cost is only 1
peso for a pack of 3.
Interesting Note: In Cuba, the tourist is king. In a dispute between a Cuban citizen
and a foreigner, police will almost always take the side of the tourist. Although
this gives foreigners a distinct upper hand in any argument, it is a privilege that
should obviously not be abused. Common sense should always be exercised,
and, generally, if something is illegal in your country of origin, it is fair to assume
that the same act is illegal in Cuba. If you commit a serious crime, regardless of
where you come from, you will be prosecuted.
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