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Cuba has a zero tolerance policy towards drug possession, selling, usage, cultiva-
tion and importation. This applies to all illegal drugs, including marijuana. If you are
caught with drugs, there is a very high probability that you will spend a while in
prison. The police take this matter very seriously and they have drug sniffing dogs
present at all airports and points of entry. At large political rallies and social gather-
ings such as concerts, sports events and street fairs, it is also very common to see
drug sniffing dogs.
The use of drugs, even soft-core ones such as marijuana, is extremely low in
Cuba. It is safe to assume that the great majority of the people you meet have nev-
er experimented with any of these substances and are not even familiar with their
effects. This is in stark contrast to many other developed nations in the word.
This is not to say that drugs cannot be found in Cuba. While local drug use if low,
there are ample opportunities for foreigners to purchase soft-core and hardcore
drugs. These drugs are usually very expensive and not likely to be of very high
quality. I strongly suggest that you come to Cuba to experience everything beauti-
ful the island has to offer while staying away from anything drug-related.
Alcohol and Smoking
It is perfectly legal to drink alcohol openly throughout Cuba, except while driving a
motorized vehicle. There is no legal drinking age, but it is illegal to sell alcohol to
anyone less than 18 years of age.
Drinking and driving is considered to be a serious offense in Cuba, and should be
avoided both for legal and safety reasons. Drinking and driving amongst Cubans is
rare, as cars are extremely expensive and are very costly to repair. From a finan-
cial standpoint, it's just not worth the risk.
Smoking is completely legal outdoors and on restaurant terraces. It is very
common for office workers to smoke inside government buildings. Smoking is
legal in most bars, discos and hotels although it is becoming increasing popular to
post no smoking signs in restaurants. It's safe to say that unless there is a no
smoking sign posted, you are free to light up.
The age of consent between a foreigner and a local Cuban is 18. Any sexual con-
tact between a foreigner over the age of 18 and a local under the age of 18 is con-
sidered illegal, and is punishable by prison time.
All other forms of sexual relationships are both completely legal and socially ac-
ceptable. There are very few taboos in Cuba. Schools teach safe sex practices ad-
nauseam, starting at a very young age. Condom use in Cuba is among the highest
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