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the terrace. Despite being a completely independent apartment, the landlord,
Nora, prefers not to give out the keys to the main front gate of the house. She will
open the door for you each time you enter the mansion, even if it is late at night.
She has no problem doing it. There is a shared phone line in the unit. If needed,
there is also another private bedroom (150 sq.ft) located on the second floor
which can be rented in conjunction with the main apartment. Also note that there
is a small cafe operating throughout the day at the house's main entrance, so
cheap food is always available and during the day you can use the cafe area to
walk in and out of the property without having to ring the doorbell. Some English
is spoken. Landlord asks 25 CUC per night, per room.
7) Casa Mara: Calle 29 #210, entre B y C. Tel (537)830 0382, Cell 53(5)264 6621
A completely independent, second floor apartment, in the heart of Vedado. You
have your own front door, with your own set of keys. A spiral staircase leads you
to a large and elegantly decorated, one bedroom apartment, located within easy
walking distance to all the Vedado attractions. The apartment is new and ex-
tremely clean. It spans a total of approximately 300 sq.ft. These is a lot of compet-
ition to rent this apartment, so guests should make reservations well in advance
of their trip. Some English and French is spoken. Landlord asks 30 CUC per
8) Casa Ivelis: Calle 21 #260, Apt 3, entre J y I. Tel (537)832 0071, Cell 53(5)332
A massive, third floor (penthouse) apartment overlooking the whole Vedado
neighborhood, with a large front balcony facing south and windows in every room
of the house. The apartment has over 1200 sq.ft of living area. It is completely in-
dependent and private. The landlord lives on the other side of town and has al-
most no interaction with the guests. There are two bedrooms to rent in this apart-
ment. If you are renting only one bedroom, Ivelis will not rent out the other room
to a different guest. This ensures that you always have complete privacy, regard-
less if you take both rooms or only one. If you rent just one room, you will have
complete use of the whole apartment for the duration of your stay. The apartment
has a well equipped kitchen, a large bathroom and a smaller powder room. The
living room is equipped with a private phone, television, modern sofas, and a pi-
ano. Privacy, luxury and elegance, this apartment has it all. Landlord asks 35
CUC per room, or 55 CUC for both rooms, per night.
9) Casa Maximo: Calle C #660, Apt 2, entre 27 y 29. Tel (537)830 0132, Cell
53(5)264 1651
Two large, completely independent, ground floor apartments. The first apartment
has a massive, enclosed, private living area with tons of natural light and several
modern rocking chairs and benches. At the back, there is a large bedroom, a
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