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good sized bathroom and a kitchen area. The second apartment is located within
the main house and includes a large private lounge space (150 sq.ft) plus a com-
pletely independent bedroom with en-suite bathroom. You can rent the rooms
separately or rent both units together. The major selling point for this casa is the
huge, semi-enclosed, atrium living space which gives you all the privacy and inde-
pendence of a living room, while still providing the sunlight and fresh air of an out-
door terrace. The landlord, Maximo, also has a modern car and offers city tours,
taxi services, and economical transportation to the countryside or other Cuban
provinces. Some English is spoken. Landlord asks 30 CUC per night, per room.
10) Casa Alexander y Margarita - Independent Apartment: Calle 25 #806, entre B
y C. Cell 53(5)268 5506
A completely private and independent, two storey apartment, located in a majestic
and breathtaking mansion. This apartment used to be the coach house where the
chauffeur of the mansion lived. It has been completely renovated and modern-
ized. On the first floor there is a large living area with a fridge, sofas and dining
table. Upstairs there is a modern bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The entire
apartment is about 350 sq.ft and is completely independent from the main man-
sion. The guests get their own keys and can come and go in total privacy. There
is also a large driveway which the guests can use as an outdoor space or to park
a vehicle. The landlord, Alexander, also has access to a vehicle and can offer city
tours, taxi services and economical transportation to the countryside or other
Cuban provinces. Some English is spoken. Landlord asks 30 CUC per night.
11) Casa El Bosquecito - Private Apartment: Calle C #661, entre 27 y 29 (Corner
29). Tel (537)830 4087
A charming, 1 bedroom, independent, first floor apartment which has a large living
room, kitchen and bedroom, as well as a gated yard and terrace. The bedroom
has a queen bed and a double bed. Total apartment size is about 400 sq.ft, not in-
cluding the private outdoor space. The casa has a yard which is surrounded by
shrubs and small trees - it is a quiet and safe location, just minutes to all the ac-
tion. The landlord, named Pello, is an older man who passes his day tending to
the garden and loves telling stories and sharing jokes with the guests. All keys are
provided so the guests can come and go as they please. This is a great econom-
ical casa which is guaranteed to please guests looking for privacy and independ-
ence, while still having the option to interact with a local Cuban host. The apart-
ment can also be rented with a second, independent bedroom, which is about 150
sq.ft. Landlord asks 25 CUC per night for the apartment.
12) Casa Tania Mendez Calas: Calle 21 #253, Apt 3, entre J y I. Tel (537)832
9283, Cell 53(5)345 5179
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