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The following listings are for completely private and independent apartments which
can be rented in the Vedado area. These are whole apartments, which usually
have a bedroom, a private living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and balcony
or terrace. All apartments include an air conditioner and a fridge. Most also in-
cluded a kitchen and a private or shared telephone line. In all cases, Cuban guests
are permitted to enter, free of charge. Sometimes they are asked to sign a guest-
book to ensure the safety of both the landlord and the tenant. Details are listed in
the write-ups provided below.
1) Casa Vivian and Luis - Private Apartment: Calle D #457, entre 19 y 21. Tel
(537)832 0728, Cell 53(5)263 6488
Offering a completely independent, first floor apartment, with one bedroom, a small
yard, driveway, terrace, kitchen, bathroom, and living area. You get the keys and
free use of the whole apartment. Located on an extremely quiet street within walk-
ing distance to everything. You also have a private phone in the apartment. If you
need two rooms, this apartment can be rented together with Casa Vivian and Luis
Private Room , giving you access to another separate bedroom with its own private
bathroom. Landlord asks 25 CUC per night, for the main apartment.
2) Casa Irina: Calle 17 #551, Apt 7, entre C y D. Tel (537)832 5651, Cell 53(5)293
A huge, private apartment (1000 sq.ft) located in an art-deco style apartment build-
ing. The modern, two bedroom apartment is located on the 4th floor (penthouse)
with beautiful views of Vedado from every room. Both bedrooms are large, and
have their own private balconies. The apartment is completely independent. Bed-
rooms can be rented together, or separately. You get your own keys to the front
door and you can come and go as you please. The owner, Irina, lives in another
apartment in the building and she is very helpful if you need anything, but she
gives her guests complete independence. The apartment is a walk up (no elevat-
or). It's not a difficult walk, but if you don't like stairs, then it might be an issue.
Some English and Russian is spoken. Landlord asks 30 CUC per room, per night.
3) Casa Silvia: Calle 27 #659 entre B y C. Tel (537)833 7306 yanetgar-
Completely private, one bedroom, first floor apartment, perfect for guests seeking
complete independence. You have your own yard, terrace, living room, kitchen,
bathroom and large bedroom. You are given the keys and you can enter and exit
as you wish. The street is quiet and the large terrace in front is completely en-
closed with ornate, wrought iron grills. This apartment is perfect for families with
young children as they will be able to play safely on the terrace or in the yard area.
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