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want. The room is about 150 sq.ft and is located very close to the Vedado action,
but on a quiet and safe street. This room is located on the same premises as the
Casa Vivian y Luis Private Apartment . If needed, the two units can be rented to-
gether to form a very large and completely private house, with a total of 2 bed-
rooms and 2 bathrooms. Some English and French is spoken. Landlord asks 20
CUC per night, for the private room.
4) Casa Emma: Calle K #357, entre 19 y 21. Tel (537)836 8820, Cell 53(5)322
The owner rents two separate and completely private rooms, located at the back
of the main house. Each room is accessible by its own private front door, opening
up to a large, outside courtyard, well removed from the street and enclosed within
the grounds of the main house. In order to get to the courtyard and rooms, you
must enter through the main house and walk through the center hallway. Although
the rooms are completely private, and you are provided your own keys, you must
ring the doorbell of the main house and walk through the hallway in order to get to
the rooms. The owner, Emma, prefers this setup for her own safety, as she is a
single woman. If you are a woman traveling alone, this casa would be ideal, be-
cause it is extremely safe while still offering complete privacy. You have use of the
shared phone located in the main living area of the house. One of the private
rooms is large (about 200 sq.ft) and includes a queen bed as well as a double
bed located on a mezzanine. The other room is just fractionally smaller and has
no mezzanine area. Both rooms are completely modernized with new bathrooms
and flat screen televisions. Landlord asks 25 CUC per night, per room.
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