Database Reference
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network. It offers modular solution for structured data, unstructured data, and partner
applications for business intelligence and ETL services. Functionally, DCA helps de-
liver fast and scalable data loading, data integration, or co-processing for Big Data
More details on the hardware capacity will be covered in the next sections. The pre-
ceding figure depicts Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform Data Computing Appli-
ance and its modules.
Database modules
Analytic database modules of DCA are known to provide infrastructure or hardware
to hold Greenplum Database software. There are two flavors of database modules,
standard and high capacity that vary on storage and processing capabilities.
HD modules
These modules support traditional Hadoop processing that can operate independ-
ently or be integrated with analytic database modules and other third-party partner
applications. Each of these modules includes storage, computation, and intercon-
nect. HD modules are available in two flavors too. One that is based on storage and
another that is more about compute and is mainly aimed at leveraging Isilon or other
off-cluster storage for the HDFS layer.
Data Integration Accelerator (DIA) modules
DIA modules host third-party partner applications for ETL ( Extract, Transform, and
Load ), BI ( Business Intelligence ), analytics (R, MADlib, SAS, and others), and
visualization (Tableau and others) solutions. By integrating third-party applications
with the DCA using DIA modules. The overall Total cost of ownership ( TCO ) is
minimized as we can leverage the 10 Gig network backplane shipped with the appli-
Core architecture concepts
This section explains some fundamental and architectural concepts underlying
Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform solution.
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