Database Reference
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further improved and an SQL interface to query data from Hadoop (with HAWQ
Chorus provides a collaboration platform that helps stakeholders seamlessly access
and operate on data used for analytics. It is a social networking portal that helps im-
port, search, explore, visualize, and communicate insights both within and external
to the organization. This platform binds Greenplum Database, Hadoop, and many
other third-party tools for ETL, visualization, and analytics.
Command Center
Greenplum Command Center acts as a single console for all the components. It
provides a set of interactive dashboards that help monitor the health of the applica-
tion by collecting performance metrics. It shows data on the system/hardware utiliz-
ation and query performance collected at regular intervals.
The figure below lists core modules under DCA that host UAP core components dis-
cussed in the previous section.
Data Computing Appliance is an advanced hardware solution that is highly scalable.
It includes modules for architecturally-integrated database, computing, storage, and
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