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of 20% off square on one side (2 sides), 1 1x12x12 (bottom), 2 1x2x12 (top supports), 4 5
½” fence pickets at 13 ½” long (back and one front piece), and 3 5 ½” fence pickets at 15
½” long (roof). Note: You do not have to use pickets if you can use a solid piece of wood
for the top of the slanted box instead. Start with assembling the base and the two sides, and
then add the top supports flush to the inside with screws and wood glue. Then attach the
four pickets to create the solid back and the front piece. Finish up with the remaining pick-
ets for the roof slanted with a 1” overhang and the pieces stacked one in front of the other
(partially covering the other piece).
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