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Chicken Nesting Boxes
If you are going to need several nest boxes you can purchase them commercially or you
might be able to create them from items you already have. It is possible to create nesting
boxes from plastic tubs, wooden crates, 55 gallon drums cut in half, old wash tubs, or a san-
itized litter box. The main idea here is to provide a fairly private safe place for nesting. Most
experts recommend that a nesting box be provided for no more than three birds. The nesting
boxes should be lined with wood shavings or sawdust or similar material.
Wood Nesting Box (Small & Large)
Simple wood nesting boxes are available commercially in feed stores or online in both small
and large sizes. A large wood nesting box (20x11x10) will run you approximately $30 and a
small nesting box (16x9x10) runs about $15.00.
Chick-n-Nesting Box
The Chick-n-Nesting Box is another inexpensive alternative for egg nesting. These wooden
boxes cost about $15.00 and the dimension is approximately 13x11x12.5 inches. Ware is a
manufacturer of these boxes.
6-Hole-Chick-Inn Laying Nest
The 6-Hole-Chick-Inn Laying Nest from FarmTek accommodates 24 hens. This multi level
nest box has plastic lids and partitions at the front and the back. The nest is made so that it is
easy to keep clean with removable plastic inserts. The nest box is available with individual
nest pads. The cost is approximately $170.00.
Ware Premium plus Backyard Hatch
The Ware Premium plus Backyard Hatch is another option. It is a wooden combination pen
and hutch which can be used for chickens in addition to rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and
other small animals. It retails for between $70 — and $150.00.
How to Make a Simple Chicken Nest Box
It is possible to construct a slanted nest box with a front opening for a chicken. Broody
chickens look for quiet dark locations to nest and you can create the perfect nest box to in-
terest them. You will need a saw, drill, two 1x12x 16 ½” which you are going to cut at a slant
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