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Origin: This breed originated and was developed in the US.
Colors: It comes in white.
Sizes: It was bred as a standard bird but lately there was a bantam breed developed.
Characteristics: It has a single red comb and red earlobes. It lays large white eggs. It is
heavier than the White Leghorn but lighter than other meat birds like the Dorking.
New Hampshires
Class & Type: It is an American class of breed
Origin: It originated from the US.
Colors: It is reddish brown.
Sizes: It comes in bantam and standard sizes.
Characteristics: The New Hampshire Red is the most popular of these breeds. This is an-
other breed that is dual purpose; they are also used as exhibition birds. They are easy to
breed making them a popular variety for first time flock owners who want to breed their
birds. It lays large brown eggs.
Plymount Rocks
Class & Type: This is classed as an American breed. These are dual purpose birds and can
be used for meat and eggs.
Origin: It originated from the US.
Colors: It is also known as the Barred Rock due to its black and white barring color.
Sizes: They are a medium breed of chicken that lays brown or cream colored eggs
Characteristics: It has a docile friendly disposition and is ideal for the first time backyard
chicken flock. It is an excellent forager.
Class & Type: It is an American class breed and is a heavier variety.
Origin: This breed originated in America.
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