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Different Types of Chicken Combs
There are about 9 different types of combs that you will find in chickens, 7 of which are
illustrated here. These differences will depend upon the age, sex and breed of the chicken.
Roosters will always have a larger and brighter colored comb than the hens.
The network of blood vessels in the comb and wattles keeps the chickens cool during the
summer. The blood gets cooler as it circulates through them. This in turn will decrease the
temperature of the chicken. The comb is also a way of attracting a mate. The rooster or hen
with the brightest and biggest comb will become the dominant ones of the flock. The growth
of the comb in small chicks is a sign of a pullet or cockerel, so breeders watch for this.
Single Comb:
It is the most common form of comb in American breeds. It grows on top of the chicken's
head, in a straight line from the beak to the back of the head. It is smooth and soft to touch.
The comb itself consists of 5 to 6 points and a thicker portion behind called the blade. It is
usually red and can hang over one side on the hens. Examples of breeds with single comb
are Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns.
Rose Comb:
This type of comb resembles a tube with a spike at the end. The front two thirds of the comb
have small bumps on it. Some breeds like Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns can also have
these types of combs; other breeds include Hamburg and Wyandotte.
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