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Spiked Rose Comb:
This is similar to the rose comb but will have a longer spike at the back of the comb.
Pea Comb:
This type of comb has three ridges or points and is medium in size. Breeds like Araucanas
and Brahmins have these types of combs.
Cushion Comb:
This style of comb is a round small comb with no points or ridges. Breeds like Chanteclers
will have this type of comb.
Buttercup Comb:
This comb forms a circle on top of the chicken's head. It can be seen in Sicilian Butter-
cup varieties of chicken. It looks similar to the single comb in that it has points.
Strawberry Comb:
This type of comb can be seen Yokohamas and Malay breeds. It is similar to the cushion
comb except that it has bumps like a strawberry.
V-Shaped Comb:
This comb has 2 points that start at the base of the bird's beak and extend to the back of
its head. There is often a crest of feathers in the middle. Breeds like Polish and Houdans
display this sort of crest.
This is a medium size comb. It has furrows like a walnut shell. Japanese Silkies have this
type of comb. It is a cross between a pea and rose comb.
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