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Figure 2.119 Distribution of
H. indica in India. (
) Place of
first record.
Map not to scale.
Legs: Coxa are each with spur broadly triangular, relatively small; spur of I is
extending well beyond coxal margin; spurs of II to IV are about one-half as large
as that of I.
Female ( Figures 2.120 and 2.121 ) 71
Mean body length is approximately 1.65
1.50 mm.
Capitulum: Basis capitulum is dorsally approximately 2.5 times as broad as
long; cornua outline is as in male, approximately one-third as long as the base of
basis capituli; porose areas are shallow, elongated, irregularly oval, tilted, moderate
size, widely spaced. Palpi are similar to those of male except as follows. Combined
breadth is approximately 1.5 times breadth of basis capitulum. Hypostome is
approximately twice as long as broad; denticles are in files of seven to nine, other-
wise quite similar to that of male.
Scutum: Scutum is approximately 1.2 times as long as broad; outline is the
broadest at about mid-length. Cervical grooves are sub-parallel, and extend to or
are beyond scutal mid-length. Punctations are few, mostly rugose, size variable,
shallow, irregular. Genital operculum is sub-quadrate; margins are straight; mar-
ginal junctures are rounded.
2.63 mm, breadth 0.90
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