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capitulum. Hypostome is as long as or longer than palpi; dental formula is 2/2,
with denticles in files of seven or eight.
Scutum: Scutum is 1.1
1.2 times as broad as long. Cervical grooves are con-
verging from sub-anterior pits, posteriorly diverging to beyond scutal mid-length.
Punctations are few, inconspicuous. Spiracular plates are sub-circular.
Legs: Legs are moderately long and narrow.
Larva ( Figures 2.109 and 2.110 ) 78
Mean length is approximately 0.8 mm and breadth 0.5 mm.
Capitulum: Basis capitulum is dorsally approximately 2 times as broad as long;
external margins are straight; cornua are broadly triangular, approximately one-fifth
as long as the base of basis capitulum. Palpi are broadly salient posteriorly; com-
bined breadth is approximately 1.45 times breadth of basis capitulum. Hypostome
is slightly longer than palpi; dental formula is 2/2, with denticles in files of five to
Scutum: Scutum is about 13 times as broad as long. Genital grooves are as arcs
to scutal mid-length. Punctations are few, inconspicuous.
This species is generally found on altitudes between 1,600 and 5,000 ft, from domes-
tic animals or from forest vegetation or forest-dwelling vertebrates. One female
crawling on a person was taken. The temperature in the collection localities ranges
from 36 C in summer to 7 C in winter. The average annual rainfall of about
140 inches is mostly during the monsoon months of June to September, but the rela-
tive humidity remains high throughout the year owing to frequent heavy showers.
The wet tropical evergreen forests in this area have dense shrub undergrowth.
Hosts 78
Immature stages: Green backed tit birds, porcupines, domestic buffalo, domestic
fowl, tree shrew, wild boar, hog badger.
Adults: Tiger, wild boar, barking deer, porcupine, zhum cattle (cow
hybrid), sambar deer, single adult crawling on human, flag dragging and handpick-
ing in West Bengal.
Distribution 78
India (Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh), Nepal, Burma,
Thailand, Laos, Vietnam.
Species Relationship
H. aborensis is characterized by the compact palpi of adults and salient palpi of
immatures which is the characteristic of subgenus Aborphysalis. Within the
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