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Figure 2.68 Haemaphysalis aculeate. (A) Male, dorsal and ventral side; (B) female, dorsal
and ventral side; (C) nymph, dorsal and ventral side; (D) larva, dorsal and ventral side.
Source: NIV. unpublished drawings.
Nymph ( Figures 2.68 and 2.69 )
Total length is about 1 mm and is oval in shape.
Capitulum: Remarkable cornua are present at the posterior end of the basis
capitulum. Length of the cornua is about equal to that of the basis capitulum. Two
long and lanceolate infrainternal setae are present. Palpal segment III is with a
moderate, bluntly pointed, triangular spur on ventral side, extending up to mid-
length of the palpal segment II. Hypostome is about 0.1 mm in length and is
extending a little beyond the apex of the palps. The dental formula is 2/2, with
seven or eight denticles per file.
Legs: Coxa I is with a moderately large, triangular, and bluntly pointed spur,
extending up to anterior half of coxa II. Coxa II and III are with crest-like out-
growths while coxa IV shows no spur or crest-like outgrowth. Trochanter I has a
broadly triangular short spur whereas trochanters II
to IV show crest-like
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