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Figure 2.67 Distribution of
H. aculeata in India. (
) Place
of first record.
Map not to scale.
Scutum: Cervical grooves are small and short, enclosing one festoon on each
side. Festoons are deeply marked and are about equal in length and breadth.
Legs: Coxa I is showing a spatulate spur while coxa II to IV show no spur or
crest-like structure. Trochanter I is having a large spatulate spur, while the trochan-
ters II to IV show no spur or crest-like structure.
Female ( Figures 2.68 and 2.69 ) 104
It is about 1.5
1.8 mm in length and is ovoid in shape.
Capitulum: Porose areas are oval and are small in area. Infrainternal setae are
lanceolate and long and four in number. Palpal segment III is with short spur on
dorsal side and a moderate spur on ventral side. On ventral side the spur is broadly
triangular and is just extending beyond the intersegmental margin between palpal
segment II and III. On dorsal side, the spur is moderate, triangular, and extends up
to half of the palpal segment II. The dental formula is 4/4 and is with eight or nine
denticles per file.
Legs: Coxa I is with a moderate, triangular, and pointed spur, extending up to
the anterior part of the coxa II. No spur or crest-like structure is present on coxa II
to IV. Trochanter I shows spatulate spur, while trochanters II to IV show no spur
or crest-like structure.
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