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trial period available to use. In some cases the trial period may only be 10 to 30
days, but it should give you a good idea of what the different MMOs look like,
and how it feels to play them.
It is essential for any MMO creator to take a look at other MMOs and see what
they have done right and which areas don
t work as well. This will provide you
with a useful stepping stone in deciding what type of MMO you want to create
as well as give you an idea of what content, areas, and creatures to include in
your game.
The MMO market is one of growth and constant change. At the time of writing some of the MMOs
mentioned in this topic may have been closed down, whereas others will have appeared or gone
from a subscription method to free to play. There is fierce competition in the MMO market. It
important to realize that an MMO that does not add new content and updates is unlikely to stay
popular for very long.
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