Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 2
More About MMOs
This chapter looks at MMOs in more detail, including their availability, pricing,
and game-play elements. This chapter gives you an overview of the concepts and
details of MMOs that you should be considering placing in your own MMO
A few of the options contained within this chapter may not apply to
your MMO
but are
included for completeness and for those users who might be considering such
for example charging a fee or multiple servers
Different Styles and Types of MMOs
There are many different styles and types of MMOs, some of which were
mentioned in Chapter 1. For completeness, they are all covered here.
n Fantasy : The most popular setting for an MMO is in a fantasy world.
This is mainly because it gives the game creation much more artistic
license than most other game types. This is also true for games that are
not MMOs, as the creators can create their own fantasy story, characters,
and creatures.
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