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3. Next you must choose a race for your actor. If you are following along
with the chapter example, type Great Bear (you may use whatever you
want to classify your imported media).
4. Leave the class blank and type a description to describe the actor.
5. As the Bear is not a playable character or a mount, leave both those
options unchecked.
6. Change the aggression to Always Attacks, so when the players are close
enough, the bear will run towards them and attack.
7. Change the animation sets to Bear.
8. Click on the Save Actors button to save the newly created actor. You can
see an example of the new character
s settings in Figure 8.8.
Figure 8.8
The newly created actor.
Congratulations, you have created a new actor.
Now that you have created the actor, you need to configure its appearance.
Doing so will allow it to pick up the correct mesh and texture associated with
this actor name. Follow these steps:
1. Click on the Appearance tab.
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