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Chapter 8
The Actors of Your MMO
This chapter explores the Actors tab in Realm Crafter. If you consider a movie, it
contains actors, some who are the stars of the film, and others who are bit part
players that you notice in the background or who have only a few lines of
dialogue. An actor in Realm Crafter is exactly the same; any character within
your MMO is an actor, from the player
s character that they control, to a group
of enemy characters who the players will fight, to a bit part non-player character
who stands in a shop selling goods.
To begin this section of the topic, you need to have a project already created and
the Realm Crafter Game Editor loaded and on the Actors tab.
Touring the Actors Tab
s now take a look at all of the various options within the Actors tab. Within
the Actors tab are five main sub-tabs, as shown in Figure 8.1.
These five main sub-tabs are as follows:
n Actors : This is where you create your actors for your MMO game as
well as set up if the actor is a player character or a mount, and other
options such as how much XP the player would get for killing.
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