Game Development Reference
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Figure 7.1
The Media tab of the Game Editor.
you need to add a texture to it. A texture is an image that is placed on
top of the mesh and gives the object its color and texture. If you think of
a human being with a suit of armor on, the texture would need to
include all the different colors being represented, such as skin tone,
armor color, and cloth. A texture created by a 3D program is displayed
as a flat image; this image is then wrapped around the 3D object.
Figures 7.2 and 7.3 show a face of a 3D character and as suit of armor,
respectively, as flat textures.
Sound: In MMOs, sounds include sound effects, such as walking, hitting,
drinking, and weather noises. These are the sounds that your game needs
to appear more realistic.
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