Game Development Reference
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Chapter 7
Adding Media
to Your Game
This chapter explores the types of media you can use in your games, and the
options available from the Media tab. The options in the Media tab allow you to
prepare your 3D content, sound, and music for your game. In this chapter, you
add some content to the demo example files.
To access the Media tab, you need to have created a Realm Crafter project. Open
the Realm Crafter Project Manager and double-click on the project you created
(unless you have renamed it, it was called New Project in previous chapters).
Then click on the Media tab.
You can see the default set up of the Media tab in Figure 7.1.
Types of Media
There are a number of types of media available in Realm Crafter, as follows:
n Meshes: Think of any 3D-based object in a computer game or MMO,
such as a character, table, car, sword, house, or one of hundreds, perhaps
thousands, of 3D objects within a game world. If you remove the skin of
that object, you will be left with a mesh. A mesh is a number of polygons
connected together to form the shape of an object.
n Textures: As you can imagine, a 3D object with just a mesh would look
pretty boring in a computer game. To give an object a lifelike appearance
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