Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
chapter 3
Why Testing
Is Important
Writing this chapter led to this big list of answers to the question of “Why is testing
It's easy for game software to go wrong
There are many opportunities for making a mistake
Game software is complex
People write game software and people make mistakes
Software tools are used to produce games and these tools are not perfect
There is a lot of money at stake for games to succeed
Games must work on multiple platforms with a variety of configurations
and devices
People expect more out of every game you make
It better work right if you are going to have 100,000 people playing at the same
time online and expect them to pay a monthly fee for that privilege
Critics are standing by ready to rate your game in print and on the Internet
Games have to be fun, meet expectations, and get released on time
The short and simple answer, which summarizes everything in this list, is “Because
games get made wrong.�? If you can identify mechanisms or patterns that describe how
games get made wrong, you can relate that back to what kinds of problems your tests
should look out for and anticipate as you follow your path to becoming a top-notch
game tester. [Jedi Persuade]The patterns you seek are not here. Maybe the people who
care the most about game testing can help you understand.
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