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5. Your first assignment for Gamecorp is testing a first-person shooter game.
Your character, a cyborg wearing heavy armor, is on the second level carrying
a knife and ammo for the megazooka weapon. You find an empty megazooka,
pick it up and try to fire it, but it doesn't shoot because it's reading 0 ammo.
You know from your project meetings that the weapon is supposed to auto-
matically load any ammo you are carrying for it. What are some things you
should do to “amplify�? this defect?
6. What are some of the kinds of problems you might find by running the
step-by-step test example from the “Playing Games�? section of this chapter?
7. Rewrite the step-by-step test in outline form. What are some advantages of
doing this? What are some disadvantages?
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