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Select building again. Alt+right-click to set new rally point farther away.
Flag appears?
Exiting units run to rally point?
Have fire-damaging enemies attack building. (Serpent Raiders are good for this.)
Building burns?
Animation ok?
Audio ok?
Building is destroyed in stages?
Stage one graphics okay?
Audio ok?
Stage two graphics okay?
Audio ok?
Stage three graphics okay (if present)?
Audio ok?
Building leaves rubble when destroyed?
Rubble disappears after a while?
Dragon's Monument
Select a Peasant. Choose Dragon's Monument.
Building cost ok?
Text ok?
Can't build if price not met?
Can't build if prerequisites not met?
Building footprint graphic ok?
Can't place building if footprint is red?
Can rotate building 360 degrees?
Right-click places building?
Building site appears in Peasant's LOS?
Peasant constructs building?
Construction animation ok?
Phase one graphic ok?
Phase two graphic ok?
Phase three graphic ok? (if present)
Completed building graphic ok?
“Building Finished�? audio ok?
Select building.
Toolbar graphics ok?
Text ok?
Can destroy building?
Can cancel building destruction?
Confirming destroys building?
Animation ok?
Audio ok?
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