Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Build new building of the same type.
Place it away from first building.
Alt+right-click makes peasant run to building site?
Link three barracks to create Samurai.
Select last barracks (from which Samurai will emerge) and right-click Dragon's Monument.
Samurai exit barracks and enter Dragon's Monument?
Samurai portrait appears?
Portrait ok?
Text ok?
Samurai appears on platform?
Clicking portrait makes Samurai exit?
Select a Samurai, then hover cursor over building.
“Sacrifice _______�? hotspot is entire building footprint?
Building full at four Samurai?
Text ok?
Black Lightning icon highlights?
Text ok?
Activate Black Lightning.
Can target?
Animation ok?
Text ok?
Damages enemy units?
Damages enemy buildings?
Have fire-damaging enemies attack building. (Serpent Raiders are good for this.)
Building burns?
Animation ok?
Audio ok?
Building is destroyed in stages?
Stage one graphics okay?
Audio ok?
Stage two graphics okay?
Audio ok?
Stage three graphics okay (if present)?
Audio ok?
Building leaves rubble when destroyed?
Rubble disappears after a while?
Select a Peasant. Choose Stables.
Building cost ok?
Text ok?
Can't build if price not met?
Can't build if prerequisites not met?
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